Thursday, February 20, 2014

Various Ways Adoption Can Benefit Everyone

While some people have indifferent feelings towards adoptions, it is an undeniable fact that adoption yields many benefits for everyone that is involved. From the adoptive parents to the biological parents to the child, the benefits can be substantial.

·   Benefits for Biological Parents
For the biological parents, there is support (both counseling and groups) to help get through the adoption process and any negative emotions following the adoption. The ability to choose the parents means that the birth parents can feel more secure in their child’s future. Care and legal expenses can be covered to help the biological parents avoid financial distress. It is a difficult decision but there is help to get through it as well as the knowledge that the child will receive the care that perhaps cannot be given by the birth parents.

·   Benefits for Adoptive Family
For the adoptive family, welcoming a new child into their home is probably one of the greatest experiences they will have in life. If the adoptive parents had the chance to get to know the biological parents before the birth, the parents will have the added benefit of knowing exactly what kind of care the child had. They have also had the chance to watch the child grow.

·   Benefits for Child

The benefits for the child can appear mixed at first but being able to start out having a stable home is one of the best things for a child. The love and support of the adoptive parents will be just as great as the birth parents and the adoptive parents will be able to ensure the child receives all necessary care particularly if the birth parents are not yet financially or emotionally ready. The child also has a better chance of getting the education to succeed.

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