Wednesday, October 30, 2013

6 Fun Ways to Bring a Smile to Your Kid’s Face

Kids are truly a gift. They can bring cheer and joy into your life. So wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling if you could bring a smile every day at your kid’s face?

Here are some ways that you can achieve this feat without breaking sweat:

Decorate a fancy bedroom.
adopt a babyOf course you clean up your kid’s room but that is a part of your household chores. How about doing something for your kid? You can put some fresh flowers in the room or place your kid’s favorite story book on their pillow. You can do this while your kid is taking a bath and getting ready for bed or playing outdoors. It will make your child feel special.

Make a special poster.
Make an I Love You poster for your child and hang it on your kid’s bedroom door. This poster will make your kid feel loved and wanted. It will also allow you to express the depth of your feelings.

Cook an unusual surprise.
When your kids are expecting broccoli and other not so favorite dishes for a meal surprise them with their favorite food. It could be a plain peanut butter and jelly sandwich or it can be chocolate coated popcorn. Cooking something out of the ordinary schedule that your child loves will bring a bright smile onto his face.

Celebrate a crazy holiday.
Look for an excuse to come up with a crazy holiday. You can set a day aside each month as a Teddy Bear Day, Craft Day, Picnic Day, Only Play Day or anything else where your child does not have to do something routine and mundane.

Time for a realistic story.
All children love stories especially when they are ready to go to sleep. Instead of reading a storybook as usual try to make it unique and special. You could dress up like the main character of the story or come up with sounds to make the story more realistic. It would be fun for you and your child.

Make breakfast interesting.

Instead of rushing through breakfast, try to break the routine by playing a card or board game with your kid while munching on toast and eggs.

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